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Custom Pool Design


Your family is unique and has specific desires, wishes, wants, and needs. Additionally, every backyard and home has its own special charm and set of opportunities and challenges. At Aquafresh Pools, we take all of these details into consideration to create a truly custom pool design that is sure to delight and inspire for years to come.

By getting to know your family and discussing everyone’s preferences, routines, habits, and personalities, the talented Aquafresh Pools designers can dream up the perfect pool for your needs, while maximizing the opportunity your outdoor space holds, and complementing your home’s architectural features and style. From spill-over spas and tanning ledges  the pool design opportunities are endless. Our experts are here to help you pinpoint and select the custom features your pool needs to take it from fun to fantastic!




 When you are designing a swimming pool there are a lot of factors to consider: shape, style, personalized pool features, patio options.Aquafresh pools is here to help!

Ask around your area to see who people you know turned to in order to get their new pool. Speak to each pool professional one-on-one and have them show you their custom designs. You can use these designs both as inspiration and make sure that their pools are up to par. They’ll also explain the many different types of pools, such as geometric pools, play pools, Olympic-sized pools and free-form pools.

Once you are ready to get a brand-new custom pool, start speaking openly with contractors about how much this might cost. They’ll be able to provide you with any estimates that you need, which you can then use to price shop.


Building such high quality pools is only possible because we’re commited to quality & we absolutley love what we do…